Cyber risks: Is smart tech safe?

Paul Ashburn , Co - Managing Partner |

24 November 2019

BDO recently moderated a plenary discussion at the Asia Real Estate Summit on security challenges and reinforcements in smart tech devices.

Panelist speakers were Jittida Haputhong, Vice President, Business Development, igloohome and Raj Kumar Gupta, Chief Technology Officer, VOV Group, and Exclusive Partner, tēmi.

There is a growing awareness amongst consumers that they need to become more tech savvy in order to defend themselves against cyber threats and provide the best security for their smart devices.

It is not enough to place trust in manufacturers and wait for government regulation to catch up. Hackers are not going away.

The panelists shared with us their views on achieving a balance between security and convenience, as well as their tips for making a smart home more secure.

It is clear that there will be challenges ahead as we become more connected. Reinforcement of security measures will be needed to allow our devices to talk to each other safely. Consumers and businesses alike need to raise their awareness about the steps they can take to secure their online presence and prevent their devices being compromised.