• The Report: Thailand 2017

The Report: Thailand 2017

11 October 2017

The Report: Thailand 2017 is the most comprehensive economic, political and business review of Thailand ever compiled.  The 200 pages of research is a vital guide to the many facets of the country. It includes the country macroeconomic detail, sector-by-sector guide for foreign investors, alongside a wide range of interviews with the most prominent political, economic and business leaders.

The Report: Thailand 2017, co-published with the office of the Board of Investment, analyses in-depth the sectors of Thailand’s economy including banking, capital markets, insurance, transport, real estate, construction, industry, energy, telecommunications, information technology, tourism, plantations and agriculture, retail, and media and advertising.  Following these sectors is the Business Guide which provides analysis of the legal and accountancy regulations pertaining to foreign investment.

Written by a team of international analysts based on over 300 public- and private-sector interviews with the leading political and economic figures of the country over the course of six months, The Report Thailand is the most extensive, independent, unbiased and accurate intelligence available.

Newsweek stated that the series is “the most concise and authoritative guide to business and economics available.” The Report: Thailand 2017 has one of the largest circulations of any English language publication available of the country and offers tailor-made market intelligence and advice to firms operating in these markets and those looking to enter them.

The Report: Thailand 2017 is published by Oxford Business Group (OBG), a global publishing, research and consultancy services organization. The range of OBG's publications are renowned as leading sources of information on developing and emerging economies around the world.

BDO Advisory Limited is the official exclusive accountancy partner of OBG for The Report: Thailand 2017, tasked with supplying analysis relating to fiscal legislation in the country for the Tax Chapter of The Report: Thailand 2017.  BDO was also the official exclusive accountancy partner for OBG’s previous publications on Thailand, The Report: Thailand 2009, The Report: Thailand 2011, The Report: Thailand 2012, The Report: Thailand 2014 and The Report: Thailand 2016. 

The Report: Thailand 2017 is now available.