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11 April 2019

In this issue, our feature article touches on Lao's Amended Law on Value Added Tax (VAT). Our Lao colleagues summarise key points to note from the Amended Law, with the changes touching on taxable supplies, VAT exemptions, VAT refunds and more.Meanwhile, in Thailand we discuss the New...

26 March 2019

Strategically located within Southeast Asia with networks of modern infrastructure, quality skilled labor and easy access to raw materials, Thailand has strived to compete with other regional contenders for the regional hub status. This has led to the introduction of a number of tax incentive...

19 March 2019

BELGIUM - New reporting and withholding tax obligations for benefits granted by foreign companies \ DENMARK - Amendments to the Danish tax scheme for inbound expatriates \ INDIA - Interim Budget 2019 - An update on personal tax implications \ SWITZERLAND - Brexit - Safeguarding residence rights...

18 March 2019

This 30th issue of BDO’s Transfer Pricing Newsletter focuses on recent developments in the field of transfer pricing on an international level and in Azerbaijan, Botswana, Hungary, Israel, and Thailand.

04 March 2019

NORWAY: Repeal of the tax-free limit on import of goods from 1 January 2020 \ BAHRAIN: VAT introduced \ CHINA VAT invoice compliance and management \ LUXEMBOURG VAT grouping regime

27 February 2019

THE NETHERLANDS - 2019 personal income tax and social security rates in the Netherlands \ SWITZERLAND - New technology for control at the external Schengen borders \ UNITED KINGDOM - Brexit – NIC after a no-deal Brexit

21 February 2019

This newsletter summarises recent tax developments of international interest across the world. In this issue, read about an update on OECD proposals for global digital tax reform and global minimum tax, tax reform developments in Argentina, Introduction of flow through taxation for Corporate...

20 February 2019

In this issue, our feature article touches on Thailand’s introduction of new transfer pricing rules into Thailand’s Revenue Code. The legislation reflects the Thai government’s serious efforts to align itself with international developments on the transfer pricing front.  Meanwhile, in Singapore...

15 February 2019

Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) has launched investment incentives for 3 new categories of business, in order to promote the development and management of “Smart City Development Projects” as well as to raise the quality and standard of Thailand’s industrial estates and industrial zones to...

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