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03 July 2018

In this issue, our feature article focusses on Myanmar’s new companies legislation, called the  Myanmar Companies Regulations 2018. It is expected to be enacted in August 2018. Meanwhile, our Malaysian tax specialists take a look at key developments that affect Transfer Pricing rules...

27 June 2018

MALAYSIA: New government reduces GST rate to zero \ BELGIUM: Optional VAT system for professional letting of immovable property from the last calendar quarter of 2018 \ UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: First 100 days of VAT implementation \ UNITED STATES: The Quill Corp. physical presence nexus standard is...

19 June 2018

This 27th issue of BDO’s Transfer Pricing Newsletter focuses on recent developments in the field of transfer pricing in Brazil, Luxembourg, Panama, Poland, Singapore, and Vietnam.

19 June 2018

UNITED KINGDOM: HMRC consulting on extending the application of the short term business visitor agreement \ ECUADOR: Annex of monetary assets abroad \ THE NETHERLANDS: Dutch tax treaties with the Gulf States \ SWITZERLAND: New obligation to report job vacancies

30 May 2018

IRELAND: Irish payroll tax system - Temporary assignees \ ISRAEL: Court ruling - Allocation of Israeli taxable income to a veteran returning resident \ MALTA: Qualifying employment in maritime activities rules 2018 \ THE NETHERLANDS: Dutch 30%-ruling – Updated from 2019

13 May 2018

Foreign individuals or companies can own land in Thailand in limited situations only. Foreigners may however own condominium units subject to certain conditions being satisfied. Foreigners may also own a building situated on land owned by another person.Read about the latest legal and tax...

03 May 2018

This newsletter summarises recent tax developments of international interest across the world. In this issue, read about an update on Budget 2018 in India, Hong Kong’s 2018/19 Budget highlights, US Tax Reform – Implications for foreign entities with a US footprint, tax proposals in South Africa’s...

25 April 2018

HONG KONG: Be prepared for compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) \ POLAND: Residence certificate necessary for foreigners in Poland \ THE NETHERLANDS: Mortgage interest deduction - Possible for a home not situated in the Netherlands?  \ SPAIN AND CHINA: Social security...

05 April 2018

In this issue, our feature article our feature article delves on Singapore’s 2018 budget, especially the Budget’s focus on fostering the island nation’s position to develop into an enterprise, innovation and R&D hub. Specific enhancements to three existing schemes were made to facilitate this...

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