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02 October 2018

The buzz around blockchain seems to have hit fever pitch. Blockchain’s transformative potential has been compared to the invention of the Internet. Is it worthy of the hype? In late April 2018, Fitch Ratings published a report on blockchain in the insurance industry, stating that the sector was...

13 May 2018

Blockchain is expected to be a real game-changer for many industries. We provide a step by step explanation of blockchain technology.

08 May 2018

If you want to make $100 from people listening to your music, you had better have a lot of friends/fans.Figures from Audiam show that to break three figures on Spotify, you need 150,000 plays by premium subscribers. The road to $100 through the free, ad-supported version of Spotify is even more...

04 April 2018

BDO is working proactively with blockchain. We are looking at ways of developing new solutions and services, as well as augmenting existing ones, via blockchain and smart contracts. The goal is to add value to our clients' business processes, drive innovation, boost efficiency and create a 21st...

22 February 2018

Each quarter BDO’s Mergers & Acquisitions team analyses global deal activity across a number of regions and selected sectors around the world; we offer you a satellite view of how the M&A market is evolving - and where it appears to be heading. 

21 February 2018

Thailand has launched a new visa program, called SMART Visa, to attract foreign experts and investors to work or invest in ten targeted industries. The program's main attraction is a 4 year visa with no requirement to obtain a work permit.The four visa types offered are:Smart TTalentsHighly...

16 January 2018

The challenges for international advisers presented by the move to worldwide transparency and reporting and of working with clients in multiple jurisdictions.

04 June 2017

Companies or juristic partnerships established under Thai law are subject to  corporate income tax("CIT") on net profits derived from their worldwide activities. Those established under a foreign law carrying on business in Thailand are subject to CIT only on the net profits arising from their...

25 May 2017

Helping you manage tax and immigration for international business travellersThe world we live in is changing faster than ever before. Developments in technology and regulation, the increasing pace of globalisation and changes to long established business practices means that many business...

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